Water Test App.

September 18, 2018

Simply dip your test strip into your spa water and enter the colours shown into the 'Water Test Centre' screen of the app. Instantly you'll have the list of products and the quantities of the products needed to balance the alkalinity, pH and chlorine levels in your spa.

Key Features:

-> A easy to use colour selector screen based upon the results from Canadian Spa test strips
-> Compatible with all Canadian Spa products
-> Can be used with any water test strip checking for alkalinity, pH and chlorine levels
-> A simple start up guide customisable to your spa
-> All readings are stored and can be shared via email to your support representative
-> Select your spa for tailored results
-> Raise support tickets and backyard delivery requests
-> Direct links to the relevant website to purchase products
-> Manual test strip reading input also available

Note: Instructions on the product label take priority over app recommendations. Always check with your sales representative if you have any queries when using the app.